Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a futuristic idea shown in science fiction movies and books, but in our highly developed digital age, it is now a common reality.

Artificial intelligence is now more widely available than ever and contributes to industry-wide efficiency and intelligence growth. There is no exception in the marketing sector.

Marketing automation, a potent subset of AI, is assisting businesses in increasing productivity and improving the outcomes of their numerous advertising initiatives. Using the correct tools, human collaboration with autonomous bots may be successful.

The top AI marketing solutions for sales automation, link building, social media management, and content production are examined in this article.

But first, a little overview.

What is AI in marketing?

A system known as marketing automation automates repetitive processes like maintaining subscriber lists, notifying clients through email when their shopping carts are abandoned, and offering automated customer support, among many other things.

The automation of these operations is facilitated by AI marketing technologies, which often interact with your current platforms or apps.
Many organizations rely on the most effective marketing automation—or AI marketing—tools because they are robust and enable them to identify valuable leads, develop campaigns, and follow the sales funnel precisely.

Key marketing chores may be automated with the use of AI solutions, which can improve user performance in terms of originality, insight, and performance.

Check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation’ for a thorough explanation of the idea.

AI for Sales Automation

Marketing professionals may create highly targeted email campaigns that easily (and at scale) increase brand loyalty with sales automation tools.

Sales automation software may be used to prioritize leads, schedule prospect meetings, and collect useful data in addition to email marketing.

Let’s look at some of the most effective sales and marketing AI solutions available today.


With the aid of the adaptable sales execution platform Outreach, marketers can turn sales data into useful insights. Using this seamless AI marketing solution, you can test engagement strategies and critical messages across channels like SMS, email, and social media while automating your operations. It must be effective because companies like Siemens, OKTA, and Zoom utilize it for their sales automation operations.


Gong is a sales marketing automation platform that helps teams communicate and work more productively while also reducing the length of sales cycles. Gong’s capability to direct sales representatives through their days with automated activity recommendations and strategic ideas is one of its most noticeable characteristics. a clever tool with much potential.


With the aid of the highly clever conversation tool Drift, marketers and sales representatives can collaborate to contact consumers with precisely the correct messaging at the times and across the channels where they are most likely to interact. Drift will assist you in meeting the demands of your customers while increasing total production thanks to its incisive insights that are meant to delve under the skin of important client groups.

Links-building AI tools of the highest quality

The next step is link building. You can determine whether websites have high authority using automated link-building technologies.
The top link-building tools provide advice on how to get in touch with these websites to establish mutually beneficial connections that can ultimately improve your search rankings and broaden the reach of your brand. Let’s look at it.


This digital marketing tool, which is one of the most reputable ethical link building tools available, can help you boost your brand authority while creating a ton of beneficial promotional connections. LinkAffinity offers AI insights based on precise semantic estimates and is very visible and simple to use out of the box. An absolute ace in the hole for connection development.


Postaga is a clever outreach tool that not only assesses prospects for link building and domain authority analysis, but also automatically generates suitable contact lists and lets you select which channel to contact them through with just a single click. A well balanced platform with exceptionally easy-to-use tools for link development and content analysis.

AI marketing solutions for managing and promoting on social media

The entire social media process is automated by a social media management application. You may use an AI social media tool as standalone software or you can link it with your current CRM and CMS systems to make managing social media across platforms more simplified.
Let’s look at the best automatic social media managers available.


Cortex is a cutting-edge solution for managing and advertising on social media. It leverages cutting-edge technology to give crucial marketing data from a range of sources. With Cortex, you can clearly see what is generating interaction and piquing interest among your target audience, providing you the knowledge you need to decide when and what to broadcast. Its recommendations for content publishing are typically rather accurate.


Phrasee is a tool you should think about using to optimize your paid social media advertising efforts for continued success. This very user-friendly platform not only has a built-in brand language optimization feature to make sure your messaging continually stands out from the competition, but it also streamlines important steps in the ad production process.


Although Emplifi is a superb all-around AI-powered social media management solution, influencer marketing is one of its key advantages. Here, you may connect with thorough analysis based on influencers in your niche and learn more about them prior to contacting them. Once an influencer marketing campaign is underway, you may keep tabs on its progress and gain information for next campaigns.

AI writing & content generation tools

Last but not least are writing AI tools. As you undoubtedly already know, one of the most important elements of any effective digital marketing plan is content. You won’t ever develop a strong brand voice or become an expert in your field without rock-solid content.

There are now AI writing tools that can produce valuable material with little assistance from humans. Let’s examine a few of them.


Rytr is an automatic writing helper that generates marketing material on its own depending on the information you provide (title, keywords, subject, important points, etc.). The platform adjusts the copy to fit the channel (email, social media, landing pages, etc.) and your brand voice. Even snappy calls to action (CTAs) are generated by this clever AI copy editor to assist increased interaction.


Jasper AI is a smart writing assistant that creates material in a genuine voice based on the essential components of your brand’s tone. It was trained by a combination of top direct response copywriters and digital marketing specialists. It can also provide pictures to supplement or enhance your writing, and it features a brilliant SEO optimization function. A trustworthy and versatile AI writing assistant.


Wordtune is a useful digital marketing solution if you’re seeking for an AI-powered tool to almost immediately make your existing words and content sing. Wordtune fits seamlessly into any Chrome or Edge browser, automatically performing modifications that will improve your text and make it easier for your target audience to understand.

How do you use AI digital marketing tools?

AI is being used in digital marketing in a variety of innovative ways. A growing number of well-known businesses are joining the party as autonomous technology becomes more widely available (and potent).

You can learn more about how big-hitting media like Bloomberg, the Washington Post, and Forbes are now employing AI technologies to produce content by listening to our most recent “Art of Copywriting” podcast.

Here are a few brief dos and don’ts for your reading enjoyment in order to assist you get the most out of your AI marketing efforts.

> Utilize a limited number of AI marketing solutions that are compatible with your unique business requirements and goals.
> Teach your team how to utilize the latest AI-powered tools to improve their productivity and inventiveness.
> Automate chores you think need to be streamlined using your best judgment, and select out the greatest features of your tools.
> Integrate a variety of tools and switch back and forth between them. Instead of bringing about peace and increasing production, it will spread misunderstanding and bring about turmoil.
> Forget to involve your team in the decision-making process while selecting the appropriate AI technologies.
> Use AI marketing technologies exclusively to complete your varied jobs and operations. As we have stated, using AI marketing technologies alongside human leadership is ideal, and nothing beats a human editorial eye!

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